Bow Advent Calendar – PREORDER


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This Advent Calendar is like no other! and for $69.95 that works out to less than $2.80 per bow!!

You will find 25 Individually wrapped bows, they will be in an assortment of Boxes, bags etc. Each one numbered and hand decorated, filled with a handmade bow to enjoy for the day!

By the end of the month you will have had a fun adventure of finding the goodie box for the day, and received 25 beautiful Bows to keep wearing throughout the year!

Each Calendar will be different! So if you have multiple children, each child will have their own unique calendar!

PLEASE NOTE: These Calendars will not be posted/available for pickup until Novemer, this is a PREORDER, due to the entire product being handmade, these will only be available via preorder.

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